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Survival 2024 will be
"Guns-Bullets & Band-Aids"

Do you have enough to get you by for months? No, you don't. You need months. That will be your goal to achieve. When things get tough you will have less than a week, because the grocery stores will be out of food in a few days. You do not want to be at the store at this time. If you don't have a plan you will lose! "Long Term Food"

That puts you in control of you and your family's safety. How you chose to protect your family will be on you and you alone. We suggest a 12 gauge, pistol, and a long rifle. All at a minimum of 1,000 rounds per weapon. You know hunting will come in handy.

Water, Water, Water. "STOCK UP" There is so much you can learn to survive what really may come our way. But you don't have to be victims of this. Long term freeze dried food taste really good."Long Term Food"

These items will save your life. Or, lets just say it would be easier with these items. Don't let people know what you have. You will lose it! A solar generator will keep you in the light and keep your fridge going. Attached to a solar panel of some sort will keep them charged. Make sure you know what size to purchase.
Click on the image and have a look. These testers listed will allow you to know the size for what you wish to operate. So you have an idea of the size generator "Tester"


 "Love Your Car"

" Survival Mask "

" Food Storage "


" Canning "