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Colorado Concerned citizens....

Make sure you get out and vote. If we want to save this country you had better vote for the greater good. And that isn't Joe Biden and crew. Do you really think they have built back better? If you do you deserve what is coming. Something is coming and it's going to be big. It will stop the 2024 election or it will put a hurting on America like we have never seen.

We won't have a great nation until we start voting for the lively hood of our nation. A percentage of people think it's what they can get for free. It's coming to an end my fellow Americans. Free is about to run out. Prepare or be out in the cold.

Prepare your family for what is coming. Gardening is such a huge step for having food that will keep you and your family alive. The politicians starting with our Colorado Governor sucks. Its a Democratic state, what can I say. But, we don't have to go along with the agenda. Fish the waters hunt the land in Colorado freeze your catch and eat well.

I believe we should begin voting with our pocket books. Stop the democrats from ruining our country.


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