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"Gardening" Please Start In 2024...

Please US citizens start gardening! Get your family and friends involved to create a huge stockpile of veggies. This is getting to the point even if you don't like gardening you better do it "NOW" Neighbors, friends, family you had better start before it's to late. Plan 2024 to do these preps.

These are pictures of our garden so I know you can do this also. Stop feeding your family chemical additives in your food. I'm trying to find a meat source so we the people can have a safe meat product, and not filled with additives our government thinks we need.




I am 64 years old this year, I work a full time job "PLUS", if we can do this so can you. Need some help find it.  We don't have the best soil but we make it work. We add compost every year to our beds.

This will take team work to succeed in doing. Find your team get this down in 2024 time is running out. Bugs will be your food supply if our US government gets their way. Do you really think the Elites will eat bugs? "NO"

Canning will last for years, and it can replenish the following year. Freeze dried will last for well over 10 years without going bad. Use our site to purchase the items you need. Try it! "Long Term Food"


Some really hard times may be coming to America. Are you prepared?  If your not into gardening can we ask that you please begin. Your life and your family's life depends on it! Just saying it's a lot easier now than when crap hits the fan.

If you don't have enough food and water for at least 6 months you should begin to prepare for it. The us government is not your friend. It is up to us to do what we can to survive. There is proof that the elite and most government family's will be taken care of in bunkers.

You need to make sure your seeds are heirloom and non GMO. You won't have viable seeds if your going to save for your next growing season. Please start saving your seeds for next year. Dry and cool location!

Please take this gardening advice and generate your own food supply.

 "Love Your Car"

" Survival Mask "

" Food Storage "


" Canning "