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About us .....

Colorado outdoors and gardening are a huge part of our lives, hope it's part of yours. We work full time jobs in order to pay our expenses. Oh, and to help our "Failing" government grow. Very sad but it's so true!

We started this site so that maybe, We like all hard working Americans could have a better life. Has it worked so far? Not really, but we are Determined for this to work. Been doing this for a few years now and trying to supply information that most people will find useful or at least get off their butts and do something. The American Dream is still alive!

 Please use our Forum to interact with others and us. Join our newsletter also. "News Letter".

The hard working Americans that show up here will be treated with the utmost respect. And we mean God fearing and loyal Americans. Please if you have any issues contact us with these issue. We will try to make it right!  "Contact Us" 100% Guaranteed!


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